People come first.

Frequently asked questions

You may not always agree with me, but you’ll always know exactly where I stand on the issues. Here are quick answers to some of the most frequent questions I hear:


1. What about LGBTQ rights?

LGBTQ rights are human rights, and it is the government’s job to protect them. YES to equal marriage. YES to protection from discrimination at work, in housing and in service at public places. YES to access to adoption and protection for every family in Arizona.


2. What about abortion?

Women have an inalienable right to decide whether and/or when to have children. The government must protect that right – and keep its hands off my body. YES to access to safe, affordable, comprehensive reproductive health care, including abortion. YES to public funding for the critical services provided by Planned Parenthood. YES to trusting women to make decisions about what we do with our own bodies.


3. What about state control of public lands?

Voters soundly approved public lands remaining under federal control in 2012. Arizona scores second to last among Western states on a scorecard measuring the use and management of public lands. YES to public lands remaining under federal control in order to ensure that they are able to be enjoyed by our grandchildren and great-grandchildren.


4. What about legalizing and taxing marijuana?



5. What about universal health care?

Yes. Access to affordable, quality health care is a basic human right. I will be a loud advocate within the U.S. for a single payer Medicare for all system. I will work with governors of other states to find state-based health care solutions, in the meantime, and work to expand AHCCCS to ensure that all Arizonans have healthcare.


6. What about taxes?

Arizona’s economy, public education system, infrastructure and social safety net has been decimated by decades of irresponsible tax cuts that have only benefited the wealthiest Arizonans and big companies. We need to work together to reverse the damage that has been done and fix our state’s revenue structure by making sure everyone  in Arizona pays their fair share.

I support the Invest in Education ballot initiative, which would create two new state income tax brackets for individuals who make more than a quarter million dollars and half a million dollars a year. I will also work to reverse the capital gains tax cut of 2012. These actions will impact only the wealthiest individuals in our state, but generate more than a billion dollars a year.

In order to really fix our tax structure, though, Arizona voters must repeal Prop 108, which requires a 2/3 vote of our AZ state legislature to raise taxes, but only a simple majority to cut them; and we must eliminate the 1% property tax cap that was added to our state constitution.

Arizona already has among the lowest tax rates in the nation for the wealthy and big companies, and it hasn’t grown our economy. Instead, our trickle down tax policies have grown the wealth gap between the top 1% and everybody else. The “cut taxes!” refrain must end – and that isn’t “class warfare,” as some claim. The real war has been waged against middle and working class folks in our state, for the past three decades. These folks have seen their effective tax rates rise even as the programs that matter most to them have been cut. It’s time to turn this around and get our state back on track.

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