A Sustainable Environment & A Hopeful Future for Arizona

This is our home. We're going to defend and preserve it for generations to come.


The name “Arizona” comes from a Spanish word, “Arizonac,” which came from a Tohono O’odham word “alĭ ṣonak,” meaning “small spring.”

This is a reminder that our homes are on Native American land – and this land is in danger.

You wouldn’t know it, though, by watching our current governor in action.

I’ve met with some of the best thinkers and smartest scientists in our state. They are researchers and teachers in our state universities. They work for us. They are hard at work, developing clean renewable sources of energy and innovating solutions to climate change. Their voices are not being heard in our state capitol.

The voices of our scientists will be heard when I’m governor. Those most impacted by climate change will be at the table. And, together, we’ll build a sustainable future for Arizona.

Here’s how we will preserve and protect our environment, so that we can leave our grandchildren a clean and beautiful Arizona.


Guiding Principles for Environmental Protection


1. The basic human rights to life, health, food, water and sanitation depend on having a safe, clean, healthy and sustainable environment.

2. Some of the top scientific minds in the nation work for us – they can help us solve the environmental problems we face.

3. The people most impacted by climate change, including our tribal neighbors, must be at the decision-making table.

4. The needs of people will come first – not the needs of for-profit companies.

5. Clean, renewable energy is the key to a healthier economy and a sustainable future.



Key policy proposals

One of the first things I will do, as governor, is create an Environmental Justice League made up of our best scientists and energy entrepreneurs, members of the tribal nations within our borders, and other impacted communities, who will work together to create solutions to every environmental challenge we face. Our goals will be to:

1. Protect Arizona’s water supplies for people and families today and for future generations.

We live in a desert, where water is life. We will advocate for the passage of legislation that protects Arizona’s allotment of Colorado River water, protects and preserves ground water, and prioritizes water rights for individuals and families over for-profit corporations.

2. Ensure that mining, timber, and other extractive industries are compatible with environmental protection and preservation.

Mining and other extractive industries are time-honored parts of Arizona’s economy, and a source of jobs for a diverse workforce, but these industries must be held to the highest environmental standards to protect the health and well-being of our people.

3. Guarantee that our grandchildren can bike, hike, hunt, and fish on the same public lands that we have always enjoyed.

Arizona would not be the same without the mountains, rivers, lakes, deserts, and forests – this is the legacy we want to leave to future generations. As a state that depends on tourism, our economy is also dependent on preserving our natural environment. We will fight back against private industry and the federal government’s attempts to despoil our natural heritage and sell it off piece by piece.

4. Make it profitable for companies to rely on renewable energy as opposed to fossil fuels.

It is important that our economy thrive, but it is also important to ensure our prosperity is sustainable. We will amend state tax laws to reward private businesses that shrink their carbon footprint, and meet their energy needs through renewable resources.

5. Make Arizona a world leader in solar power production and distribution, and prioritize innovation in all clean, renewable energy sources.

Arizona has 114,000 square miles of land. Scientists estimate that all of America’s power needs could be meet through the construction of a little more than 100 square miles of solar panels. Solar energy is the future, and it relies on two things Arizona has an abundance of; sun and land. We will focus both environmental policy and economic development on making Arizona the preeminent solar economy in the world.


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