A Bold Vision for a Great State

We don't have to settle for anything less than the Arizona - and the nation - we want.

Guiding Principles for an Arizona that Works for Everyone 

As governor, I’ll use these three principles to tackle every problem we face – and we’ll solve them, together.


1. People first.

The Arizona state constitution says the role of the state is to protect and defend the rights of every individual. People first means that I’ll use a human rights lens to write every policy, sign every law and draft every budget. It also means the people most impacted by an issue should be at the table when solutions are sought and decisions are made.

2. Everyone wins.

Scarcity is a lie that crooked politicians tell to keep us fighting each other for scraps while they rob us blind. There are plenty of resources to do what we need and want to do together. I reject the idea that, for someone to “win,” someone else has to “lose.” We’ll seek solutions that work for all of us.

3. Be fearless.

Our state has suffered through decades of neglect, incompetence and unethical leadership. We have a lot to do. We’re going to listen to the smartest people, look for the best ideas, think big and act boldly to make Arizona work for everyone.

Learn what Kelly has to say on the issues.

This is what Kelly has been working for. This is why she’s running.

As CEO of the YWCA Southern Arizona, Kelly launched Operation Haboob, a statewide initiative of the Stand Together Arizona Training and Advocacy Center (STAT). The STAT team gathered input from thousands of people across Arizona last year, who answered the question: What would it look like if Arizona was a place where everyone was thriving? The things Kelly heard during this process, about the huge challenges Arizonans are facing, made her even more frustrated with the lack of leadership we have in this state.

Kelly is running to make sure that our voices are at the table.

An initial Operation Haboob report was released at the Arizona state capitol on January 18, 2018. The result will be a People-Powered Agenda for the state of Arizona. Kelly is on a sabbatical from her job at the YWCA, but you can join Operation Haboob at www.ywcatucson.org.