A Bold Vision for a Great State

We don't have to settle for anything less than the Arizona - and the nation - we want.

This is a message to all the guys who have broken our economy, bankrupted our schools, blown through our natural resources, and beaten their chests about how much they care about women while they pass law after law to regulate our bodies: Your time is up.

Doug Ducey, we’re looking at you. We are done letting you and your billionaire friends sell off our children’s future. We are done watching you do nothing as our out-of-control President terrorizes our immigrant neighbors. We are done listening to you say there aren’t enough resources to lift Arizona out of “last place” in almost every category. We are done waiting for you to lead.

There is no problem we can’t fix. There is no good reason we can’t have the type of state and country that we believe in and know is possible. Our grandparents built Hoover Dam, put people from across the country to work and ended the Great Depression. Our parents worked with our neighbors across the border to create one of the most important trading routes in the world. The first astronauts to walk on the moon trained right here on our land and our scientists are forging a way into a sustainable future. We are Arizonans. We don’t settle.

So, we’ve got a message for you and all the weak leaders who put Arizona in “last place” in almost every category in the nation: Move over. We’ve got this.

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This is what Kelly has been working for. This is why she’s running.

As CEO of the YWCA Southern Arizona, Kelly launched Operation Haboob, a statewide initiative of the Stand Together Arizona Training and Advocacy Center (STAT). The STAT team gathered input from thousands of people across Arizona last year, who answered the question: What would it look like if Arizona was a place where everyone was thriving? The things Kelly heard during this process, about the huge challenges Arizonans are facing, made her even more frustrated with the lack of leadership we have in this state.

Kelly is running to make sure that our voices are at the table.

An initial Operation Haboob report was released at the Arizona state capitol on January 18, 2018. The result will be a People-Powered Agenda for the state of Arizona. Kelly is on a sabbatical from her job at the YWCA, but you can join Operation Haboob at www.ywcatucson.org.