Never again.

We have a moral responsibility to keep our children safe.



It’s time to say NO to being bullied by the gun lobby, and betrayed by the politicians who put NRA campaign donations ahead of our kids.

Arizonans want commonsense gun laws that protect our right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Arizona courts have held that the constitutional right to bear arms is qualified and subject to reasonable regulation by the state. We CAN create laws that protect our children and our communities.

We need to boot out the NRA-funded politicians to do it.

Volunteer for a campaign you believe in. Donate. Vote. Get all your friends to vote. It’s up to us to make this happen.

Here’s how we will protect our children and our communities from so much senseless gun violence.


Guiding Principle for Gun Control


1. We can protect the Second Amendment AND have commonsense gun laws that protect our children and our communities – this is not an “either-or” situation.


Key policy proposals


Work with the experts at the Giffords Law Center to craft the most effective gun control laws in the nation and then mobilize Arizonans to make the Arizona state legislature pass them.

I agree with most Arizonans when I say:

  1. YES to a ban on semiautomatic guns, high capacity magazines and assault weapons.
  2. YES to criminal background checks on all gun sales and on transfers between private parties.
  3. YES to preserving and strengthening state concealed carry permitting systems, and limiting firearms in public places, including schools and college campuses.
  4. YES to buy back programs.
  5. YES to waiting periods.
  6. YES to smart guns, safety training, safe storage, and child access protection laws.
  7. YES to a ban on sales to terror watchlist, the mentally ill, stalker and domestic violence misdemeanants, and violent criminals.
  8. YES to community-based violence intervention programs.
  9. YES to requiring and investing in research into our gun violence epidemic.

We can and must have commonsense gun laws now.

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