We Are Rising: Post-Election Reflection from a Supporter

From Deb Maher:

“Last night, I left the campaign party with deep sadness and anger after Kelly’s loss. I was sad because there is an urgent call for fearless leadership, kindness, big heartedness, the ability to really hear people and help them see their own self-worth so they can act on their own behalf.

Supporters wore these to our primary election night party, saying, “This is the only way for a woman to get recognition in the gubernatorial Democratic primary in Arizona… Wear a mustache!”

This is not over

I was angry that she was marginalized by the media and the Democratic party. They portrayed her as “not a viable” candidate when in fact her campaign gathered twice the number of signatures necessary to get on the ballot. She was consistently left out of articles while the focus was given to the two men in the race. The outcome; only 386,954 Democrats turned out to vote in the entire state! This is a travesty and speaks to the alienation of our citizens. Nevertheless, Kelly received 17% of those votes, was a viable candidate and deserved the same amount of coverage as the other two candidates.

This morning Kelly issued a call to action to support David Garcia and graciously thanked all her volunteers but most importantly, she reiterated that this is not over.

We are rising

Kelly is right, “the mold has been broken”, we are rising, and we are mentoring new inspired leaders! The spark of this campaign has ignited revived engagement and we are not going away. We will not be bullied by corporate greed and we will continue to be engaged in saving our schools, finding ways save the natural environment while supporting the economy, creating humane border and immigration policies, and building an even stronger sense of community to overcome racism and disenfranchisement.

Most importantly, we as individuals, will not be overwhelmed. We will join with others and together we will find joy in the struggle. The human spirit is so much more that political systems or money or the media. This spirit, this energy is stirring all over the world and it is beyond what we can see in the headlines. It surfaced in this campaign and it re-affirms our humanity. It cannot be stopped and if you pause and look closely, you will see that kindness and generosity takes many different forms. We will continue to meet each other every day and we will find each other and re-group and morph as the times and situations require. We are here, and we are not going away.

I am full of gratitude for the people I met in Kelly’s campaign and grateful that she demonstrated such generosity, leadership and inspiration.”