This is epic

This is an historic year in Arizona.*


  • We have more women running for office than we’ve ever had.
  • We have more people of color running than we’ve ever had.
  • We have a differently abled candidate, maybe for the first time.
  • We have more openly LGBTQ candidates than ever and two transgender candidates, definitely for the first time.
  • We have a Muslim running for a statewide office, definitely for the first time.
  • We have more Democratic candidates, period, running than we’ve ever had.
  • We have more contested primaries than we’ve ever had at every level – this is the first time we’ve had a contested Democratic primary for governor since 2002.
  • We have more diversity in our candidates, in both personal characteristics and policy positions, than we’ve ever had.
  • We have more first-time campaign staff and volunteers than ever, and a whole list of candidates whose daughters are in key positions and even leading their campaigns.
  • We have grassroots Democratic leaders calling foul about the state party’s attempts to “pick the winner” in certain races, and even resisting state party operations inside of their LD offices.

Arizona politics and our public square will never be the same – and that is a very good thing.

Democrats, from now on, will expect to have choices, expect to be engaged, expect to have our voices honored and heard.

It is frustrating to watch as the establishment – including the mainstream media in Arizona – fails to tell or even grasp what an epic year this is, as they continue to use old metrics and models to understand and analyze this election.

No, really, guys. Money isn’t everything.

While the media and the establishment continues to judge the “viability” of a campaign based on how much money is raised, most of us think that the amount of money that gets spent on political campaigns is outrageous. It prohibits regular folks from running. It creates a dangerous and undemocratic relationship between donors and candidates.

And, well, it’s just a stupid use of money, which could be going to do actual good in our communities.


Voters are ready for new faces, new ideas, new ways of doing “politics.”

I predict we will see real and SURPRISING change at the ballot box tomorrow. That’s why my campaign is getting ready for a celebration and then to take the fight to Doug Ducey in the general election.

But trust me. One way or another, this isn’t over.

We are just getting started.


(*The list of epic things happening this election cycle was inspired by a FB post by Deedra Abboud, candidate for U.S. Senate)