Arizona for Everyone

This is so much bigger than an election.

Like you, I’m outraged by what our elected leaders are doing to this state – and to this nation.

I’m the CEO of YWCA Southern Arizona, a 100-year old organization that is a leader in the fight for economic and social justice – and I’m tired of waiting for someone else to fix our problems.

Rise up!

We have an opportunity to create real change in Arizona this year



Arizona needs a real leader with a vision that is big and bold enough to include everyone.

This campaign is about more than an election. This is a reform movement to bring real change to Arizona. So, my platform and policy proposals aren’t based on whatever is politically expedient or what my handlers tell me I should think/say/believe. I don’t have handlers. I have a moral compass. I am committed to human rights. I believe PEOPLE should come first. And I’ve spent my whole career fighting for these values. I’m not going to change direction if the political winds shift. This is who I am, who I have always been, and who I will always be. As your governor, I will lead our state in:

  1. Drafting and funding a 15 county economic development plan.
  2. Reforming the tax code to spur economic growth, narrow the wealth gap and fully fund public school education.
  3. Implementing universal health care in Arizona.
  4. Forming an Environmental Justice League to create a more sustainable future for our state.
  5. Making sure the local public school is the best school for every child in every neighborhood.
  6. Defending and expanding voter rights and civic engagement.
  7. Making our criminal justice system a model in the nation for human rights.
  8. Creating a Truth & Reconciliation Commission to acknowledge and end the racism that is embedded in the structures, laws and policies of our state.
  9. Protecting our kids and all of us with sensible gun safety laws.

We do not have to settle for anything less than a state – and a nation – that works for everyone. Everyone. Let’s do this.

Raise your voice, vote your values, stand up for your neighbors. Help make Arizona a state that works for everyone.

Meet Kelly: Educator, Former Minister, CEO – and Democratic Candidate for Governor

I’ve spent 25-years leading nonprofit organizations, congregations, and for-profit small businesses. I’ve worked with and beside people in this community, trying to make life better for everyone. I know the challenges we face in this state first-hand. 

A lifetime of service as a CEO, teacher, mother, minister, and entrepreneur has gotten me ready for my next job: Governor of Arizona.

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