The most important
endorsement…is yours.

I announced that I’d be a candidate for governor nearly a year after the other Democrats in the race starting running because I didn’t hear the issues we care about being talked about. By that time, most elected officials and organizations that endorse candidates had already picked a side. That’s ok. The only endorsement that really matters is yours. But I am very proud to have the support of a diverse and growing number of community, business and elected leaders – including members of my campaign committee, who are sharing their expertise, experience and advice with me as I work to become your next governor.

Fryer For Arizona Campaign Committee

Campaign Chair:
Pima County Board of Supervisors Chair Richard Elias

Melissa Hall

Raul Aguirre
Pima County Supervisor Sharon Bronson
Elizabeth Bushell
Sonia Economou
Annette Everlove
Barbara Farmilant
Joel Feinman
Marisol Flores-Aguirre
Kristi Frank
Isabel Garcia
Kate Garner
Norma & Bobby Gentry

Greg Hart
Rosey Koberlein
Michael McDonald
Melanie Morrison
Gina Murphy-Darling
Tiera Rainey
Janis & Ernie Salerno
Mercy Valencia
Pat Wiedhopf
John-Peter Wilhite
Diane Wilson
Eugenia Woods

Cheryl House

Congressman Raul Grijalva

“I joined the Board of the YWCA in 2002 because I believed in – and had benefited from – its programs to develop leadership in women. The recession of 2008 was very hard on the YW, as it was on many nonprofits, and we had to make a lot of difficult decisions, including cutting programs and laying off staff. When our long-time executive director retired, we really didn’t know if the organization would survive. Then we met Kelly Fryer. We interviewed several accomplished nonprofit leaders but Kelly was the only one who brought new ideas about how we could generate revenue, pay off debt and get back on solid financial ground. She made us see the world differently by introducing us to social enterprise – we started a culinary program, positioned our building as a community center, and turned the House of Neighborly Service in South Tucson into a thriving neighborhood resource. Today, the YWCA is a model of good nonprofit management. We celebrated our 100th birthday by raising $1.5 million to support women entrepreneurs and to establish an advocacy center in Arizona. Looking back, I know that if we had not hired Kelly, we would have kept following the same fundraising formula, and the YWCA would likely be out of business. After seeing what Kelly Fryer has done to propel the YWCA forward, I can’t wait to see what she will do for Arizona.” – Cheryl House, YWCA Board of Directors, 2002-2017

Isabel Garcia

“Kelly has a progressive vision for Arizona and the experience and toughness, not only to win this campaign, but to lead this state. I’m proud to stand with and support her race for governor.” – U.S. Congressman Raul Grijalva, long-time champion of families, working people and progressive values

Barbara Farmilant

I have always supported the mission of Arizona List, to elect pro-choice Democratic women to state and local office, but the organization struggled to overcome the perception that it was an exclusive club. That changed when Kelly Fryer became Arizona List’s executive director during the 2012 election cycle. As a board member, I watched as she reached out beyond Tucson to diverse communities all across the state, including African Americans, young women, LGBTQ members, Latinas, independent voters and even pro-choice Republicans. Kelly’s inclusive vision, endless energy and ability to inspire others led to dramatic growth in our income and our membership. She piloted new educational programs and, together with former AZ State Senator, Paula Aboud, launched a statewide women’s coalition (W.I.N. – Women Ignited Now) after our legislature passed 26 anti-women bills, presaging the women-led response to the election of Donald Trump. Kelly’s leadership was instrumental in getting 95% of our candidates elected all across Arizona that year. I was sad to see Kelly leave Arizona List but I’ve continued to follow and support her as she has transformed the YWCA Southern Arizona. I am proud to support her run for governor and believe she is exactly the right kind of leader to bring positive change to Arizona. – Barbara Farmilant, Arizona List Board of Directors, 2012

Also endorsed by...

“Kelly has strong progressive polices and the leadership experience needed to implement change so Arizona can work for everyone!”

National Organization for Women Arizona logo

“You have been endorsed by the Political Action Committee of the Arizona National Organization for Women (AZNOW PAC) in your candidacy for Arizona Governor. A review of your qualifications and positions on the issues of importance to the National Organization for Women (NOW) leads us to believe that you share our values and vision.”

“Indivisible Tucson Action Alliance is proud to announce its endorsement of Kelly Fryer for the Democratic nomination for AZ governor. Though we believe that all of the candidates currently on the ballot offer a positive alternative to Governor Ducey, Kelly best represents the progressive values of our members. We feel that she will usher in a reform movement that will bring real change to all of the people of Arizona.”