I’ll always tell you exactly what I think.

You'll never have to wonder what I think about something. I've been speaking my mind for years. Here 's a look.

“Believe in the power of your own voice and be brave enough to use it. If you are a young woman, especially a woman of color, consider public service. Run for office. Work on a campaign. Volunteer or serve on the board of an organization that is making a difference. Lead. Your life will be fuller and more satisfying the more of yourself you give away to the causes you believe in. And the world will be better because you were in it.”

Kelly Fryer, “A pep talk from some of Tucson’s most successful women”

Here are some of the pieces I've written during my years in public service.

“If silent in the face of injustice and intolerance, I am to blame. I speak, instead. I act. I vote.”

Kelly Fryer, “Why I’m Voting”