A Bold Vision for a Great State

Guiding principles to create an Arizona for Everyone

1. People first.

I’ll use a human rights lens to write every policy, sign every law and draft every budget – and the people most impacted by an issue will be at the table when solutions are sought and decisions are made.

2. Everyone wins.

Scarcity is a lie that politicians tell to keep us fighting each other while they pick our pockets. There are plenty of resources to do what we need and want to do together. I reject the idea that, for someone to “win,” someone else has to “lose.” I’ll seek solutions that work for all of us.

3. Be fearless.

Our state has suffered decades of neglect, incompetence and unethical leadership. I’m going to listen to the smartest people, look for the best ideas, think big and act boldly to make Arizona work for everyone.

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