This is how we end up with children in cages

This is an interesting glimpse into what’s going on in Arizona and in our nation these days. In a summary of the most contested elections this month, the Arizona Republic described me as:

A “take-no-prisoners leftist”

They got this part right: Nobody will fight harder for the people of our state.

I kind of like the “take no prisoners” description. They know I’m fierce and will stand up for the people I love, the communities I care about and my values.

But a “leftist?” Hmmm.

I think the Arizona Republic is right. A lot of folks probably do think of my platform and this campaign as “leftist.”

But don’t you wonder?

When did a commitment to human rights, compassion, freedom, justice, dignity and opportunity for all become “leftist” – and not just “American” – values?

American values are now left of center?

The values I’m running on are pretty similar to the mission of YWCA, the organization I’ve been working for these past few years.  YWCA has a long history of service to country, including in times of war. We were one of six agencies that joined together to launch the U.S.O. during WWI.

Today we say our mission this way: Ending racism, empowering women and promoting peace, justice, freedom and dignity for all. I often say that I’m running for governor to bring these values to our state government.

But, these days, patriotism is the shield behind which nationalists, white supremacists, greedy corporate capitalists and U.S.-based global oligarchs do their nasty business.

So patriots who take a knee, march for human rights and call on our nation to live up to our highest values – freedom and justice for all – are marginalized. We are no longer in the center. We are now left of center.

This is what a moral crisis looks like

When I say that we’re in a MORAL crisis – not just a political crisis – this is what I’m talking about.

We have drifted so far away from our fundamental values, we can’t even see the shore, anymore.

And THIS, my friends, is how we end up with children in cages.

Vote your values this year.

Vote. Vote. Vote.