So…why should I support your mom?

Kelly & Emma

A message from Kelly’s Daughter/Campaign Manager:

I recently received an email from someone who basically asked: why should I support Kelly if she’s in last place in the polls?

[By the way, I had to train myself to call my mom ‘Kelly’ for the campaign!]

His question about the polls is fair, and I’m glad he asked, because after spending some time writing a response, I’m more convinced than ever that my mom is going to win this election. Here’s what I said.


Dear xxx,

Your question about polls is a good one. So far, there has been one independent poll in this race – the rest have been paid for by another candidate (and some have not even included Kelly as an option). Here’s what the independent poll shows:

  • 48% of voters are undecided – even though they’ve had two options for over a year now, who have spent over $1 million combined
  • Kelly is right on the heels of the candidate who has raised the most money and has been in politics the longest
  • David does not poll above 34% in ANY polls, even those that are paid for


I learn two things from that:

  1. This race is wide open. Almost half of the voters haven’t been sold on either of Kelly’s opponents despite the time and money spent.
  2. Kelly is building momentum VERY quickly. She entered the race almost a year after the other guys (at the beginning of this year), so the fact that she’s already catching up in the polls says a lot.


Kelly has quickly built name recognition and excitement by traveling over 27,000 miles to all 15 counties since February 1, and through a strong digital and social media program (if you compare the 3 candidates’ Facebook pages, you’ll see Kelly has more engagement by far – and again, starting from scratch early this year vs. the guys who have had their pages and audiences for multiple years). She has electrified voters, and her speech at a recent Dem convention will show you why.


Kelly has accomplished all of this even as some of the traditional media has excluded her. (Read and watch). She has, however, received some national attention, including being listed as one of Cosmo’s 16 LGBTQ candidates to watch this year. Kelly has also attracted the attention of the Republicans – the Republican Governor’s Association released a TV attack ad on her this month. They would not be spending up to $1 million attacking her if she didn’t think she’d be a serious threat to Doug Ducey.


Again, I appreciate your question – it’s a good one. Here’s what sets Kelly apart in this race, and why I hope you’ll consider supporting her from afar:

  1. She’s our best bet to beat Doug Ducey and the Koch brothers – and to actually make real change happen in Arizona. She can go head-to-head with Ducey as they are both CEOs; however, her work as a CEO has been in community, for PEOPLE. Ducey has been a CEO for his own profit. Kelly has 29 years of senior leadership and CEO experience, and a proven track record of turning around struggling organizations.


  1. She’s 100% in it for the people, not politics. She isn’t playing [typo! Leaving it in for the sake of transparency 😊] running a traditional campaign with the old playbook – she’s talking about ALL the issues, not just the “safe” ones. She’s committed to transparency – we’ve posted 70 videos since January 1, live stream most of her appearances, and she has the most detailed policy proposals on the most issues of anyone in her race:


Thanks again for taking the time to write, and I hope you will consider supporting her candidacy. We got started late and have prioritized meeting voters over raising money, so we need all the help we can get. We’d be truly grateful to have your support.


All the best,