Abolish ICE Now


June 20, 2018

Norma Gentry

Arizona Gubernatorial Candidate Kelly Fryer Calls for the Abolition of the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency

[Phoenix, June 20, 2018] Kelly Fryer is calling for the abolition of the United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency, known as “ICE.” Fryer is a Democrat running to unseat Doug Ducey and become governor of Arizona.

On her campaign Facebook page, Fryer posted about the order signed by Donald Trump earlier today, ending the automatic separation of families on our border: “This isn’t over. Trump is holding to a ‘zero tolerance’ policy, which will criminally prosecute all migrants and refugees without the right paperwork – meaning it will take just a little more time to split up families. This won’t end until we dismantle ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) – and the racist, fear-based culture that led to its formation in 2003, allowed it to continue under Obama, and has given it horrific powers now under Trump.”

Fryer said she’s thankful so many political figures and others are stepping up to oppose the inhumane treatment of families and children on our border under Trump. But she says she’s seen the impact of ICE on her community even before Trump and she has been an outspoken opponent of anti-immigrant policies, even when they were executed under Democratic leadership. She thinks ICE cannot be reformed, but rather than it must be dissolved so that a new, human-rights based approach to migration can be formed.

“ICE was formed at a time when the nation felt assaulted, angry and afraid,” Fryer said, “Those values created an agency that views everyone who is seeking help and refuge as a potential threat and criminal. That’s just wrong. Sure, there are bad guys out there who want to hurt us and we need a smart, reasoned approach to stop them. But when we start putting children in cages, ripping innocent families apart and violating the human rights of the most vulnerable people on the planet…we have become the bad guys.”

Fryer is calling on Congress to pass legislation ending ICE immediately.

“ICE has not made us safer,” she said, “which is why Americans feel more fearful 15 years after its formation than we did before. Real safety will come when people – both within our borders and beyond them – have adequate food, housing, clothing, employment and education. Real safety will come when we rebuild relationships with our closest allies and have earned the respect of people around the world for our values of freedom, dignity and respect for all.”

Arizona governor Doug Ducey has refused to condemn the Trump administration for its actions to automatically separate families at the border. On Monday, as he announced that he was running for re-election, he touted his “Border Strike Force” and blamed the families whose children were taken from them.


Kelly Fryer, 56-years old, is a Democratic candidate for governor of Arizona. She has been the CEO of YWCA Southern Arizona since 2013, an organization with a mission to end racism, empower women and promote peace, justice, freedom and dignity for all. Previously, Fryer was the Executive Director of Arizona List, which elects women to local and state office, and a nationally known Lutheran pastor, seminary professor, author and keynote speaker. She is also an entrepreneur who has owned two businesses, including a retail shop in Tucson and an international consulting company, which offered strategic visioning and leadership development to faith-based, nonprofit and mission-driven businesses across the U.S. and Canada. Fryer and her wife, Tana, split their time between Tucson and their home in Bisbee. They have three grown children and a granddaughter. Fryer is running to create an Arizona for Everyone – and she means everyone.